If you’re wanting someone to show up, fancy camera in tow, and get your a-typical "posed, smiling shots," then we just might not be the best fit. But, that’s completely okay; because I want you to be picky about your photographer! you deserve someone that fits your wants and needs. To me, it's more than just smiling for the camera and posing, its about building friendships, fostering moments, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.



Tuscaloosa, AL!

"Where are you located?"


"Do you travel?"

Yes! Yes! Yes! Traveling is one of my favorite things to do! Don't hesitate to contact me, even if you are located elsewhere!


"Do you shoot film? if so, why?"

Heck yes, I do! Film is one of the things that makes me most giddy! I shoot film because of the creamy tones, and beautiful images that result from it! By shooting film, i am able to further immerse myself and be intentional with every part of your story, or day.


100 percent!! Dogs are one of my favorite things in the whole entire world! I would love to meet your fur baby :)

"We have a pet! Can we bring it to our session?"


No, raw images are working files only. I do not deliver unfinished products, as it does not accurately represent me, and my work. 

"Can I have the RAW/unedited files?"


"We would love to book you! How do we reserve our date?"

Being honest and genuine is what I strive for, through my interactions, images, and friendships. That said, I would love to get to know you and make certain that we are the right fit to preserve your once in a lifetime moments. Let's grab a cup of coffee, my treat!

Once we've had the chance to chat, and you feel that I'm the perfect fit for your needs, I require a signed agreement, and payment of the deposit to reserve your date. (Remaining balances to be paid three weeks prior to the event.)


With all good things comes time. To me, I'm just as excited about the images as you are!

Each photo from your wedding day or session will be looked through - ensuring that every selected image is up to par with my standard. After that, they will edited for color and exposure, among other things. Once I'm confident that your collection is perfect, I'll be in touch with you the very next moment that they're ready to view. 

  • Weddings are delivered within three to six weeks.

  • Regular sessions are delivered between two to three weeks.

"When can we expect our images?"